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Who was to blame for the Cold War?. Stalin was highly effective in his goal to gain territory, with victories in Poland, Romania, and Finland.

Finally, the fact that the communists took power in Czechoslovakia by who was to blame for the start of the cold war essay of an armed coup sent waves of fear through the western world, causing the ‘iron curtain’ to fall even further. To break this blockade, the Allies would have to send tanks to smash through the blocks. Still they fought for their beliefs. Russia took over the government in countries that were freed from German control, as well as setting up a communist government fod Poland, which went against the terms that had been agreed at Yalta.

The atomic bomb did help seed the Cold War. Stalin’s wished to create a buffer zone esaay Communist states around him to protect Soviet Russia from the capitalist West.

Essay: The Cold War – Who Was to Blame?

Comparison between British and French Decolonisation. So as to achieve political, economical and social world dominance to suppress the Soviet threat, during the s the United States created a variety of global institutions known as the Bretton Woods institutions. Even within this communist structure, Stalin had to exert his influence. This caused uneasiness between the East and the West. Roosevelt died on the 12 th of Aprilhis successor Truman, had a much more black and white view of the world and in some ways assimilated the USSR with the axis of evil.


This process proceeded for eleven months, who was to blame for the start of the cold war essay May 12,when the Soviets finally lifted the blockade, due mainly to pressure form a Western embargo on key exports from the eastern bloc and a crackdown on communications.

Kennan, Memoirs, 2 vol. Assignments Writing – Help For Students. However, the Red Army who had lost 9 million was equally determined to exert its influence on post-war elections in Eastern Europe.

Who was more to blame for the beginning of the Cold War, the USA or the USSR Essay

Soviet-American Conflict over Eastern Europe. Instead the two countries engaged in a power struggle in which each tried to out-do the other by building up forces, producing propaganda and trying to gain support in neutral countries.

Russia argued that it needed to maintain a sphere of influence in the area for security reasons: The idea was to give money to any country under threat from being taken over by the Soviet Union, so that they could prevent communism to spread into their country, with the money came a bond between that country and the USA, this bond enslaved the country under the USA and would mean that Western ideas would have to be considered there.

The goal was to force western powers from West Berlin by reducing it to the starvation point. I believe all parties involved were equally to blame in the cold war. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website.


This paper will point a literary finger at one side and defend that stance. The Capitalists believed that being free who was to blame for the start of the cold war essay control is much more important than everyone being equal and alike.

To keep West Berlin going, the west sent supplies in planes across to there. Germany should be divided up into zones of occupation, one controlled by Britain, one controlled by the USA, one by the Soviet Union and one controlled by France. Registered Data Controller No: One the one hand, Marshall aid was an extremely generous act by the USA.

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This factor is also very Post Revisionist, as both countries believed that they were right, and the other was wrong. With the development of increasingly terrifying weapons of mass destruction, thee individual faces the ever-present possibility of annihilation should the conflict enter the phase of total war.

Add a personal note: The United States thus maintained a substantial fighting capability and continued to invest huge amounts of money into military research. Constrain to strt back and forward steps.