It’s been a long time since I’ve used sound Blaster cards, I use to use the AWE 32 and later soundblaster Lives in gigging boxes as samplers, and as I remember it I think they behaved the same way. Results 1 to 10 of On my integrated card i have some noise etc on line in input so im happy that i dont have it on this card, but i thought that when I could set output from soundblaster maybe i could have some smaller latency. MykeJ , Jan 21, Wow, I just realized Creative Sound Blaster forums are full of angry customers crying and begging for driver updates.

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For example, if Spark is just open, doesn’t have to play anything, but if ASIO is being used, even if Sound blaster x fi asio open Google Chrome and try to watch some video, sound won’t work until I turn Spark off. For future reference, can anybody give me some suggestions for the best sound card, and possibly a good reference speaker and subwoofer. Do you have a wireless card in your desktop? I would unistall the soundblaster and asio4all. Wow, I just realized Creative Sound Blaster forums are full of angry customers crying and begging for driver updates.

That card is probably fine for gaming and home theater but slund will not be happy with it for recording, not necessarily due to sound quality but because it doesn’t have the features you need. I’ve tried some ASUS sound cards Xonor and I wasn’t very happy sound blaster x fi asio their performance, not even to mention ugly and randomly functional software.

Until then, does it make any difference if my default format is bit, Hz? Dave King Max Output Level: PCIe is capable of WAY larger ammounts of data, much quicker, thus, blasetr would be much better for sound blaster x fi asio use. Your HArdware system is more than sufficient i;d think Well the outs were quite noisy, but the sampler had a digital out pin on the board itself, so I hacked together a cable and fed it digitally into my EWS64 XL which also had a Waldorf Microwave onboard which was my main card for Cubase at the time.

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I do have a wireless card. Thank you in advance and sorry for my English. I still cannot achieve the advertised 2ms, and I have had to set it at 10 to completely remove all stuttering, but, it could just be my computer.

SoundBlaster X-Fi HD A.K.A Sound Blaster Digital Music Premium HD ASIO support

April 20, View More Photo Galleries. Server is basically windows f, but faster, and more powerful. I know, that on creative page it is sound blaster x fi asio that this card doesnt support asio, but i didnt know this before i bought it. Maschine uses up to MB at a time, which, on top of the other stuff, will put quite a strain on the ram.

Soundblaster X AE-5 ASIO drivers

Getting the job done! Seiishu Full Member Posts: Has anybody else encountered a problem similar to this? Anyone has any insight on which device would be xsio My x-fi works better than the M-Audio that I have tried, and is good for much more than just audio.

It sound blaster x fi asio to have been the specific devices.

Asio output on Sound Blaster X-fi HD help

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Suprisingly the usb out perform all three I’m also puzzled that you assume blastsr pci card will work better than a firewire sound blaster x fi asio usb interface I think it’s probably at the hardware level that when the asio is in use it dedicates the cards resources to that. This seems to be a recurring theme these days.

Ok, so you dont have any ideas whay could i do about this output-problem? Is there any way to fix this? You’re also making these forums look alive for a change.

Should I uninstall that asio driver that i have on my computer first?

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