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Parbury, Allen, and Co. Chaplin treacherously returned with much larger forces from Mysore and Sholapur to attack Kittur once again.

Rani Chennamma

In the war, Rani Chennamma entered into the battlefield with her lieutenant, Sangolli Rayanna and fought against British with fierce force. He was arrested and subsequently hanged by the British a few years later.

Chennamma fought fiercely with the aid of her lieutenant, Sangolli Rayanna, but was ultimately captured and imprisoned at Bailhongal Fort, where she died on 21 February With this policy Chenamma would lose her kingdom, so she completely defied the order and agitated against the British.

Rani Chennamma The Valiant Queen by pendem srinivas. Then Rani Chennamma fiercely attacked the Britishers with her force. Retrieved 6 November But the British easay too humiliated to let go so easily. The resistance ended in her martyrdom only, short essay on kittur rani chennamma she is still remembering today as one of the earliest Indian rulers to have fought arni independence.


Chennamma was born 56 years before the rebel Rani of Jhansi, and was thus the first woman to fight against British governance and the kappa tax. Stevenson, were also taken shrot.

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Rani Chennamma The Valiant Queen: This was the beginning of a fight; oittur against destiny and then against the British. Unfortunately her son was expired in ; she adopted Shivalingappa for giving the right of crown. Kittur Chennamma, however, defied the British order to short essay on kittur rani chennamma Shivalingappa from the throne. Among the freedom fighters like Keladi Chennamma, Abbakka Rani and Onake Obavva she is much venerated in Karnataka as an icon of bravery and women’s pride for ever.

Unknown September 25, at 9: As the queen of Kittur, Kittur Chennamma adopted Shivalingappa after the death of her only son with the aim of making him the heir to the throne of Kittur. Shivalingappa was arrested by the British. Kittur Short essay on kittur rani chennamma Chennamma breathed her last on 21 February in the Bailhonghal fort.

The Missing Story Of The…. Munrow, nephew of Sir Thomas Munro, was also killed. She took her last breath at the Bailhongal Fort on February 21, Retrieved short essay on kittur rani chennamma November She received kjttur in horse riding, sword fighting and archery at a very young age and was well known for her bravery across town.


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Her lieutenant was Sangolli Rayanna. Raghav Cheennamma February 2, at 5: Kittur Rani Chennamma and her army fought hard and also killed the sub-collector of Sholapur, Mr.

Rani Chennamma was defeated in her last battle and captured by the British, who imprisoned her at the Bailhongal Fort for life.

During the Kittur Utsava of every 22nd to 24th- October these memories are renewing and the people giving the patriotic salute to them.