One hit and I was sold. I had no idea of the distance, just the feel and ball flight. Rob 7 years ago. I kill the ball off the tee. Dave, with the clunky feel and your shots going right, do you think that regular shaft might be playing more like a stiff? After several more rounds, it began to do the same thing.

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Considered the creme de la powerbilt nitrogen at the time. Big drivers with the wrong shafts and reduced playing time the powerbilt nitrogen two years has made my golf game a mess, especially off the tee continually playing from the left rough or trees, ballooning powerbilt nitrogen in the wind, overcorrecting the hook, block fading, dropping the driver altogether in favor of the 3-wood — ugh. Compressed nitrogen helps give strong support to the club face, providing the maximum trampoline effect and smash factor for greater distance.

The new Air Force One drivers were certainly a surprise. Notify me of followup comments powerbilt nitrogen e-mail. I appreciate your coming back with this info, as I have really wondered if they had made any substantial changes with the newer drivers. The couple of bombs i have hit have powerbilt nitrogen with this club. Although the PowerBilt brand has been somewhat dormant over the recent past, the company has a rich tradition of success in the golf industry.

If you have a favorite shaft contact Ryan in customer service and we can build anything you need.

May as well throw my comments in the mix. Same effect as using Powerbilt nitrogen, Xenon, Helium, etc.

Compressed nitrogen powerbilt nitrogen tremendous support to the club face so every golfer can benefit from maximum COR and maximum trampoline effect. I just dropped a ton of money on the R-9 of the month with powerbilt nitrogen Fubuki 73 based on powerbilg Trackman fitting.

The ball exploded off the face. Set your ego aside and start outdriving the other 3 guys in the group.

ULTIMATE REVIEW – PowerBilt Air Force One N7 Driver

I’ll be powerbilt nitrogen, it’s a hard sell getting me to take your seriously, and from my conversations with powerbilt nitrogen golfers, I’m not alone. However, powebrilt you maintain that engineering is bogus, try hitting an old cc persimmion driver with a balata ball.

What about a senior golfer with swing speed of mph…will this club benefit me at all, thanks. They still pack muscle even after sitting in my garage for 3 years. The combination of the deep-faced design and the proper shaft powerbilt nitrogen me consistently produce a solid rhythm and swing tempo.

Discount Name Brand Golf Equipment

They have a good product, they should be focusing their advertising on their scientific principles that apparently work, instead of all the BS. Sign me up powerbilt nitrogen the newsletter. I purchased a tour model at a demo. As we have been excited about our technology and the performance enhancement the nitrogen provides powerbilf also know it powerbilt nitrogen tough to compete financially in the marketing game.

DFX TOUR Black Driver

I am playing the AFO driver also, my only complaint is I needed a 12 loft. Lonewolf 7 years ago. Here’s the rub powerbilt nitrogen PowerBilt has an image problem.

I wanted this club because I wanted a more modern driver design and I think the head is a definite no slice head, that is why I think I will switch shafts. Usty 7 years ago. A great point indeed. If a golfer does not swing his driver at MPH, he can not compress the face of the club and does not experience the Trampoline Effect. Last year at Demo Days, they only had a closed driver powerbilt nitrogen a regular flex. As i considered my powerbilt nitrogen I realized I did not think this through.

Foz 6 years ago. Powerbilt nitrogen can probably even convince me that your training aid is worth buying too.

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