Leave a Reply Nuvlear reply Enter your comment here This helped me a lot with my report. Non-renewable energy Nuclear energy is an alternative energy but not a renewable energy as Uranium is a nuclear power plants opinion essay source and its supplies are limited. Nuclear power is not safe. Rate this blog entry:.

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They are already raising taxes. Can we be neutral on this topic? Nuclear power plants opinion essay coal and oil adds to greenhouse gasses. This waste is essentially an isotope of the Uranium Oxide fuel, or UO2, that nuclear reactors are powered by.

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Just last year, on March 18, a major nuclear crisis happenend again in Japan. Nuclear fusion is the holy grail of harnessing energy. Threats not only exists in accidents like the ones esaay, but also threats exists not only from terrorists but also from other countries who have acquired or made nuclear weapons.

On top of this, when the power plants first have been built, we are left with the costs to enrich and process nuclear power plants opinion essay nuclear fuel e.

The United States and Russia were rivals during the cold war.

Since the costs of a nuclear accident could be so high, insurance companies will not insure a nuclear power plant. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


The fissioning nuclear power plants opinion essay 1 opinkon ton of uranium fuel provides the same amount of heat energy as burning of 3 million metric tons of coal or 12 million barrels of oil.

If you want to read more on nuclear energy, go to the nuclear category in the top menu. The political and microeconomic aspects of energy production are vast.

But at Chernobyl, inhundreds died, and thousands were affected by radiation. Another disadvantage is raising amount of nuclear waste that comes from nuclear power plants.

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Generating electricity in nuclear reactors is cheaper than electricity generating from oil, gas and coal, not to speak of the renewable energy sources! Those nuclear power plants opinion essay are against nuclear weapons present their arguments on the base of the threat it presents to the world. Often we can’t even identify which people were harmed by a radioactive leak; all we can say is that statistically, the nucler rates went up. It produces electricity without pollution.

Copied to clipboard Click here for more help with APA citations. Plans 5 million people including, more than 1 million children still live with dangerous levels of radioactive contamination in Belarus, Ukraine, and European Russia.


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There are several advantages of exploiting nuclear energy, for example, very low CO2 footprint, high energy capacity and low costs to consumer compared to other energy sources. However, it is interesting to nuclear power plants opinion essay that till nuclear power plants opinion essay there has not been a single major war between states possessing nuclear weapons.

Some countries are developing their nuclear weapons these days, p,ants it becomes a serious threat to the world peace. The problem with these types of energy sources is the act of harnessing them. The threat of nuclear weapons maintains the opinikn peace. The waste from nuclear energy, also know as fusion energyis extremely dangerous and it has nucleqr be carefully looked after for several thousand years 10, years according to United States Environmental Protection Agency standards.

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