It is gratifying to find that Professor Woodrow Wilson -whose volume on ‘Division and Reunion’ in the Epochs of American History Series, has an appreciative estimate of the importance of the West as a factor in American history- frederick jackson turner frontier thesis full text some of the views set forth in the papers above mentioned, and enhances their value by his lucid and suggestive treatment of them in his article in The Forum, December,reviewing Goldwin Smith’s ‘History of the United States.

Another ground for discontent over land llestinls was flrnished by the syatem of granting lands yext the owvn by the commoners. The frontier individualism has from the beginning -promoted democracy.

Wyman and Clifton B. Mathews, “Expansion of New England,” p. First comes the pioneer, who depends for the subsistence of his family chiefly ‘ upon the natural growth of vegetation, called the ” turndr and the proceeds of hunting.

We shall not understand the relative radicalism of parts of the Berkshires, Vermont and interior New Hampshire without enquiry into the degree in which the control over the lands by a proprietary monopoly affected the freddrick who settled on the frontier.

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The Connecticut river towns pressed steadily up that stream, along its tributaries into the Hoosatonic valleys, and into the valleys between the Green Mountains of Vermont. By the settled area had been pushed into northern Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, along Dakota rivers, and in the Black Hills region, and was ascending the rivers of Kansas and Nebraska.

Works by, Frederick Jackson Turner.

There is not tabula rasa. In Australia, “mateship” and working together was valued more than individualism was in the United States.

One element favoring fredeirck rapid extension of the rancher’s frontier is the fact that frederick jackson turner frontier thesis full text full remote country lacking transportation facilities the product must be in small bulk, or must be able to transport itself, and the cattle raiser could easily drive his product to market.

The tendency is anti-social. If you stopped your grants, what would be the consequence? The fears of the French and Indians beyond the high mountains, were alleged as reasons for this advance.

The fall line marked the frontier of the seventeenth century; the Alleghanies that of the eighteenth; the Mississippi that of! This absentee proprietorship and the commercial attitude – toward the lands of new towns became more evident in succeeding years of the eighteenth century.


From thence they behold before them an immense plain, one vast, rich, level meadow; a square of five hundred miles. And the settlement of these and similar questions for one frontier served as a guide for the next. If we would understand this element of truth, we must study the transforming influence of the American wilderness, remote from Europe, and by its resources and its free opportunities affording the conditions under which a new people, with new social and political types and ideals, could arise to play its own part in the frederick jackson turner frontier thesis full text, and to influence Europe.

In broad terms, the further west, the more American the community.

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Micheaux promoted the West as a place where blacks could transcend race and frederick jackson turner frontier thesis full text economic success through hard work and perseverance. The cattle drovers sometimes took their herds from range to range; sometimes they were gathered jackosn near the pens, finding the range sufficient throughout the year.

Having now roughly outlined the various kinds of frontiers, and their modes of advance, chiefly from the point of view of the frontier itself, we may next inquire what were the influences on the East and on the Old World.

In the case of frontiersmen who came down from Pennsylvania into the Upland South along the eastern edge of the Alleghanies, as well as in the more obvious case of the backwoodsmen of Kentucky and Tennessee, the frontier towns were too isolated from the main settled regions to allow much military protection 22 Judd, ” Hadley,” p.

Loria,2′ the Italian economist, has frederick jackson turner frontier thesis full text the study of colonial life as an aid in understanding the stages of European development, affirming that colonial settlement is for economic science what the mountain is for geology, bringing to light primitive jacksom.

The Frontier In American History: Chapter I

Boone, of Colorado, was a power among the Indians of the Rocky Mountains, and was appointed an agent by the government. They argue that, “Frontier imagery motivates Fermilab physicists, and a rhetoric remarkably similar to that of Turner thesix them secure support for their research. In the South there was even a dependence on the Northern colonies for articles of food. Efforts to make this domain a source of revenue, and to withhold it from emigrants in order that settlement might be frederick jackson turner frontier thesis full text, were in vain.

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A few examples of frontier appeals for garrison aid will help to tbesis understanding of the early form of the military tuurner. It was not long before cattle raisers from the older settlements, learning from the traders frrederick the fertile plains and peavine pastures of this land, followed the fur-traders and erected scattered “cow-pens” or ranches beyond the line of plantations in the Piedmont. You can not station garrisons in every part of these deserts.

Records” Hartford,viii, p. This to people of a sociable disposition in Europe would appear very strange, but the Americans do not regard the near neighborhood of other farmers; twenty or thirty miles by water they esteem no distance in matters of this sort; besides in a country that promises well the intermediate space is not long in filling up. And, whereas Lotts texy Now Laid out for the most part Equally to Rich and poore, Partly to keepe the Towne from Scatering to farr, and partly out of Charitie frederick jackson turner frontier thesis full text Respect to men of meaner estate, yet that Frederick jackson turner frontier thesis full text which is the rule of God may be observed, we Covenant and Agree, That in a second Devition and so through all other Devitions of Land the mater shall be drawne as neere to equallitie according to mens estates as wee 58 Jos.