Paragraph on How to Make a Garden.

I go to Aslam the second son, and he always helps me to solve my problems. She helps others is their problems. A good and understanding neighbor makes our life sweet. Man is a social being.

Paragraph on My Next Door Neighbor

He is very good at studies. Neighbors play an important part in our social life. Talha Hamza August 21, at 9: Rashid is a wealthy businessman. He is well- educated, well-behaved and well- dressed. One Click Profit http: A good neighbour is ever dearer than a blood relation. His father also live with him.

His name is Md.

His daughters are the students of class seven eesay nine. His children are also very naughty. They are good at studies too. He is very intelligent. He often helps me in studies.

But they all essaay co-operative and helpful. Rashid has four children, two sons and two daughters. He has certain very good qualities. She is fat and ugly but she considers herself very beautiful. His children also quarrel among themselves and bear their sister if she ever refuses to do anything they want her to do.


Short essay for students on my next door neighbors

His children are good natured and well-mannered. They are simple, truthful and sociable.

He is a busy man with his books and files. She is my best friend. I have got a next door neighbor. He likes to live in good company. He works as a manager in a private firm. My other neighbors are M.

MY NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR: Essay Topics-New Speech Essay Topic

Nobody can live without neighbors whether he likes them or not. His children have no regard for elders. Murad I am the admin of this site. It is advisable to find a good neighbor before finding a good house. She is symbol of simplicity and humanity.